Precision casting of aluminum veneer with ingenuity

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To cultivate craftsmanship, to carry forward the foundation of craftsman spirit; to cultivate craftsmen, to inherit the basis of craftsmanship spirit; to produce high-quality products and to practice the craftsman spirit. Foshan Nanhai Zhengyi metal building materials Co., Ltd. has not forgotten its original intention for more than 20 years. It interprets the "craftsman spirit" with the cutting-edge quality of aluminum veneer. It is well-known in the industry for its high-quality service and has become the industry benchmark.

All along, Zhengyi building materials is proud of the excellent and durable quality of the company's products, implements the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system, and strictly implements the industry standards to ensure that every product entering the market meets the quality standards.

From cutting and cutting, marking, angle opening, forming, to spraying, inspection, polishing, assembly, welding and grinding, Zhengyi building materials staff always strictly control the production details. The company also continuously introduces advanced production technology and equipment at home and abroad, and learns from the perfect production management system abroad, which not only greatly improves the productivity, but also ensures the long-term quality of products stable.

With the ingenuity of casting aluminum veneer and focusing on the industry application for 27 years, Zhengyi metal building materials has grown into a professional production enterprise of building exterior wall decorative aluminum plate, curtain wall aluminum veneer, metal modeling ceiling series, and is a large-scale metal products enterprise integrating production, development, design, sales and installation.

With the continuous introduction of advanced technology and cutting-edge R & D talents in the industry, Zhengyi building materials has been able to integrate the practicality and innovation into the research and development of aluminum veneer products, and constantly innovate the technology, so that the aluminum veneer has the characteristics of pollution-free, deformation free, easy to clean, green environmental protection and simple construction. At present, the aluminum veneer products of Zhengyi building materials have been widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of large-scale projects, landmark buildings and high-grade commercial residential buildings at home and abroad.

Outstanding achievements extraordinary cases, Zhengyi building materials to create a blueprint

Cultural changes promote the evolution of the city, whether it is the ancient hand-made pottery, or today's aluminum veneer products, are all proof of the progress of the times. After years of precipitation and development, aluminum veneer products have gradually provided a big stage for the building materials industry. They are classic and elegant, simple and fashionable, or gorgeous, and have been recognized and appreciated by people from all walks of life.

Zhengyi building materials firmly grasped the opportunity of the times, pondered over the needs of users and the changes of the times, and helped aluminum veneer products enter urban buildings with profound cultural heritage and innovative spirit. Through the consideration of proportion, scale control, node research, structure treatment, process control, material selection, color analysis, etc., the perfect fit of curtain wall aluminum veneer with architectural function and art is realized.

Shangri la Hotel, Fujian Wanbo decoration City, Hainan Intercontinental Hotel, the aluminum veneer curtain wall project of Rwanda airport, as well as the super large sea crossing channel opened this year, the Zhuhai Hong Kong Macao Bridge, all witness the close combination of Zhengyi building materials aluminum veneer quality and architectural design concept. With the realization of one excellent project case after another, Zhengyi building materials' development blueprint drawn with ingenuity will become more and more clear and brilliant.

Service escort, Zhengyi building materials aluminum veneer production process to achieve "man machine intelligent control"

Zhengyi building materials always follows the principle of "quality first, customer first", constantly strengthens modern management and management awareness, provides professional consulting and technical consultation for customers, provides professional suggestions according to the industry application characteristics, specific needs and design drawings of customers, provides technical consultation services for project difficulties, and provides more intimate on-site guidance to help customers to be more efficient Complete the project.

In addition to high-quality service escort, Zhengyi building materials has also developed an advanced logistics delivery system, which can monitor the production, distribution and progress in real time through app. Combined with the advanced and mature logistics system, it can ensure on-time delivery, avoid customer losses and troubles caused by delivery problems, and provide more comprehensive service guarantee for the majority of users.

Through the "man-machine intelligent control", customers can know the production process and progress of aluminum veneer at any time, and solve their worries. The service of Zhengyi building materials has been highly praised by many customers and people in the industry, playing an important leading role in boosting the development of aluminum veneer industry.

Source: CNKI