aluminum solid panel
Aluminum composite panel
PVC panel
PVC wallboard

Wood etched aluminum veneer

Etched wood grain is a high-end surface treatment process, which uses aluminum plate of more than 3.0 mm. The surface is etched, and then the wood grain is transferred to achieve the effect of etched wood grain.

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Anodized aluminum plate

Anodized aluminum plate is placed in the corresponding electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as the anode, under specific conditions and applied current, electrolysis.

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3D color printing aluminum veneer

Painted aluminum plate is a product that can be customized. No matter the size, thickness and pattern of painted aluminum plate, it can also be customized according to customers' needs.

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Aluminum sheet

Aluminum veneer is a kind of building decoration material which is processed by fluorocarbon spraying technology after chromizing. Fluorocarbon coating mainly refers to polyvinylidene fluoride resin (kanar500), divided into primer, finish and varnish.

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Hyperbolic aluminum plate

Hyperbolic aluminum plate is a kind of metal curtain wall product, which is mainly made of high-grade aluminum alloy and processed by cutting, folding, arc bending, welding, reinforcement, grinding, spraying and other processes.

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Wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer is used in all kinds of metal curtain wall panels and metal ceiling panels. It is suitable for various living and working places, such as indoor, outdoor, airport, subway, light rail, station, exhibition hall, hospital, administrative office building, commercial building and other places, meeting the requirements of environmental protection.

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